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We are a branding expert and provide a 360° marketing strategy that focuses on reaching the target audience from multiple platforms and channels. Our approach provides the capability of extending the reach of campaigns by making use of current insights.

The 360° marketing strategy of Digi Epitome also helps you to understand your audience better and helps deliver personalized experiences for them.

Our all-around integrated digital marketing gives you the ability to increase your chance of discovering new potential customers and attracting them in a variety of ways. With digital marketing, we research your target market and advertise your goods and services online. Audience research is essential to formulate an effective marketing plan.

If you haven't already noticed, your complete 360° marketing approach is driven by research into your target market. You cannot know what steps to take next to assure success without conducting audience research.

Once you've identified your target market, you may employ a compressive marketing strategy that incorporates PPC, social media, and even face-to-face marketing to advance your brand.

Your content for your 360° marketing plan needs to be on point.

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How Digital marketing services Boost Business Growth







Digital marketing services let you focus only on the prospects most likely to purchase your product or service. It’s cost-effective and improves the conversion rate and quality of your leads. Online marketing is cost-effective and helps you reach a much larger targeted audience as compared to traditional marketing. Businesses of all sizes from small to big can be benefitted to build trusted brand names in the online market.

Partnering with a digital marketing company ensures that you have established yourself as a brand in the online space and have gained maximum visibility and exposure.

You have a strong digital presence, your customers will follow.

Being in digital business since 2012, Digi Epitome has established itself as a reliable marketing partner for numerous corporations and start-ups. Our strategies are designed specifically for each customer in response to their needs, and we have been increasing sales in a way that is both efficient and affordable.

Since entering the digital market in 2012, Digi Epitome has established itself as a reliable marketing partner for numerous corporations and start-ups.

Plans are designed specifically for each customer in response to their needs, and we have been increasing sales in a way that is both efficient and affordable.

How we work to drive you to growth

Deploying the best strategies for your business

We collaborate closely with our clients to provide value-driven internet marketing services that help them establish a solid digital foundation for their organization. Being a full-service digital marketing agency in Lucknow, we have the necessary knowledge in every area of digital marketing that companies require to advance. We always give you the best services while empowering your marketing strategies so that you never have to bear the expense of hiring a full-time in-house marketing staff which will always bear extra cost and effort from your end.

At Digi Epitome, our primary focus is on our client's success. We help them increase their client retention rate and maximize conversion opportunities. Here’s how we lift your business to growth:

Explore and analyze

Analyzing your performance

We start with research and analysis of your company’s position in the digital platform. For example, do you have any online presence? Is your website customer-focused? How are the browsing experience and usability? How regularly do you update your blog? What position does your website currently hold? And how do you perform on social media?

Exploring your customers

Next, we do a deep analysis of your customer base to know more about their interests, the channels they use, and how they view your brand online. The customer insights we draw are used to formulate the strategy. By starting with consumers and turning their viewpoints and ideas into digital strategy.

We increase the success rate of your business goals.

Evaluating your competitors

To keep you on top of trends in your sector and identify digital strategies that will drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and most importantly revenue, our team perform extensive competitor analysis and identify their strength and weaknesses. So, if you find yourselves juggling many tasks at once and are not able to look into your competitors Digi Epitome has got you covered.

The insights inform your positioning in the market or the image of your product or service that you want members of your target audience to have in their minds. Based on this we find out what your competition is doing right, and what changes can be applied to your business. The analysis detects gaps between your competitor's offer and what customers want, here comes our move to expand your offerings to satisfy those unmet customer needs.

Map out your strategy

Our experts have worked with variety of businesses to shape their digital startegies. In some cases the focus was on providing a comprehensive roadmap for a full digital transformation. In others, the goal was to define a vision for—and a plan to pursue—the most attractive digital growth opportunities.

And in still others, the mission was to get existing digital transformations back on track, developing a unified strategy to align disparate digital initiatives across divisions and functions.

Define your target audience

To develop the marketing plan and strategy, it is absolutely essential to understand your target audience. At Digi Epitome, we select the best media to present your brand's image so that, even if it reaches a smaller audience, it will still be seen by individuals who are genuinely interested in your product.

When compared to traditional marketing, this makes it possible to reach the greatest number of consumers at the lowest possible cost.

Build your content strategy

Content strategy is an approach to creating content that drives key business objectives. If your content has quality but is delivered in unstructured and without any basis, won’t provide profitable results. Our marketing strategy company provides content strategy services that address your goals and marketing concerns.

We help you create content that is engaging with your audience and also measures your success and failures.

Choose the channels and tactics

According to research B2B, consumers are most likely to be on LinkedIn, followed by Twitter while B2C consumers are most likely to be on Facebook, followed by Twitter and Youtube. As part of our process to boost your business, we figure out the best channels your target audience is most active on.

We ensure you higher ROI by aligning your brand presence with the needs and interests of your target audience.

Executing with best practices

Once we have created the building blocks of your marketing strategy, the final step is to build a well-constructed execution plan. Digi Epitome implements benchmark techniques to execute digital marketing plans. This is carried out to assist you to achieve your business goals.