About Digi Epitome Technology



At Digi Epitome, we think that companies need to fundamentally change their marketing approaches. We live in a world that is always changing, where free media has a wider audience and more authority than paid media and potential customers talk about you and your competitors every day of the week.

In today's society, not only computers and cell phones but also TV shows, billboards, and newspapers are getting digital. A setting where industrial-era strategies like command-and-control or even 4P methods like Kotler are just insufficient, a world where thinking about branding and business must change. Digi Epitome offers a new approach to building your business in the digital age. Our methods are guided by a different attitude where we think improving product offerings can have a much greater impact than improving TV advertisements.

Explore some of the technologies we've built, read about what we believe in, see the work we've done, hear from our clients, and if we do interest you, write to us. We'll respond in real-time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a top digital marketing company offering outstanding business solutions to our clients. We strive to give not only better but a combination of uniqueness with the greatest quality services you've ever experienced.

Core Values

Client First: Always doing what is best for our clients, our strategies are such that offer maximum benefits to our clients. We never back out to sacrifice our own interests in the short term to create long-term value for our clients and ourselves.

Team Work: We support each other and work as a team to reach our potential and become the best version of ourselves. For our esteemed clients, we are growth partners that drive results.

Think Big, Act Fast: We think up creative ideas that amaze. We make them happen fast. We acknowledge our mistakes, grow from them, and adapt accordingly.

Extend Everlasting Faith and Act Responsibly: We deliver what we promise and leave no stone unturned to add value to our clients.

Our Team

The core of our company is our team where each member is a specialist. The people that make up our close team have been chosen for their talents, devotion, qualifications, and passion. Together as a team, we strive to provide our clients with the BEST digital marketing services possible.

Philosophy of Digi Epitome

“You are one of the best software companies in Lucknow. I am amazed at how quickly you respond to our queries. Your awesome service is what any company, needs to look into. And I am impressed”. - Trefis

Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently deliver result-oriented Digital Marketing solutions that enhance our client’s awareness, improve their sales and provide exceptional growth consistently. By assisting organizations in utilizing cutting-edge technology and digital marketing in their operations, we will continue to work to revolutionize the way they conduct business online.

Is Your Business Reaching its True Potential?

Very few businesses, if any, are ready for the digital era. As the online presence becomes more and more important, what can you offer to stand ahead of your competitors?

Discover how our digital marketing services can help to stay ahead, which include:

SEO: enhancing your website to increase traffic from organic search engines.

Material marketing: You may increase your business’s influence by utilizing top-notch content and information.

Paid advertising: Put your message in front of your target markets with well-crafted, optimized commercials.

Implementing a social media management solution will humanize your business and make it simpler for potential customers to interact with you.

Why Choose Us

  • 01International Exposure

    Ample opportunity to work with domestic and international clients in different domains and also onsite client visits.

  • 02Learning Opportunities

    Learning while working is our motto. You get to learn popular tools and technologies while working with us.

  • 03Work-Life Balance

    We understand the importance of work-life balance. Our culture strives to maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

  • 04Wide Domain Experience

    Digi Epitome Technology has expertise in 30+ domains from IT, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design to Application Development. There are ample career choices based on your skillset and experience.

Digital Marketing - SEO, SMO, PPC

At Digi Epitome, we do not just focus on improving your rankings. We also focus on increasing traffic to your product and services, increasing leads and improving your profits.

Lead Generation, Evalution & Reports

In the world of digital marketing service, we serve as your first step to get closer to the customer, based on the interest or inquiry of the products/services shown by them.

Business Analysis, Strategy & Design

Backed by sophisticated analytics, Digi Epitome helps in delivering smarter, faster, creative, and accurate decisions. We have the specialized knowledge to act as a guide.

Website Design & Development

The world is transforming into an online multi million dollar market and we all know that lots of online B2B and B2C based websites are getting

Android App & Software Development

Digi Epitome one of the top notch company in India, providing Android App & Software Development.

Bulk SMS/Email Marketing

Bulk SMS/Email Marketing is a great and effective way to connect with your audience, existing or new targeted one directly.